September 16, 2015

About Us

American Pure Honey ™ started in 2007 with our only at the time American Pure Honey™ Wildflower. We have been one of the few local honey providers to store in Tri-State area. Our Honey is Local, Farm Fresh, Raw, and Unprocessed. Our Farmers around the country have been providing honey before World War II Locally. Currently we carry over Eight different flavors. We have our Alfalfa, Avocado, Basswood, Blueberry, Buckwheat, Butter Bean, Bamboo , Clover, Cranberry, Eucalyptus, Fireweed, Orange Blossom, Saga, Sourwood,  Tulip Poplar, Tupelo, and Wildflower. All our honey is Free of Additives, Sugar, No Flavors, and Pesticides. Also not all of our honey is available all year around.